The American Dental Association (ADA) recently held a live Twitter chat focused on children’s oral health. The “Chat-n-Chomp” chat coincided with National Children’s Dental Health Month.

During the live chat, dentists from the ADA tweeted children’s oral health tips using the hashtag #CavityFighters on Sharecare’s new dedicated oral health Twitter handle @SCGetsMouthy.

Sharecare is an online resource that invites the public to submit health-related questions that are answered by health professionals. The ADA teamed up with Sharecare last year to provide oral health content to Sharecare’s Web site, but the “Chat-n-Chomp” wass the ADA and Sharecare’s first Twitter collaboration.

“This Twitter chat is an opportunity for us to make a ‘house call’ so to speak,” said Mary J. Hayes, DDS, ADA spokesperson on pediatric dentistry and a chat participant who practices in Chicago. “We want to clarify misconceptions and provide tips directly to parents and caregivers on how to keep children’s teeth healthy for life.”

During the chat, dentists tweeted the ADA’s responses using the ADA’s Twitter account, @AmerDentalAssn. If you have a Twitter account, you can search for the tweets related to the#CavityFighters chat.