Adstra Systems introduces Version 8 of its popCOM™ office communication software, which provides practitioners an easy and efficient way to communicate with each other throughout the office via a computer system network. 

popCOM features an automatic time stamp for received messages. The user has the ability to choose a ready-made response to a received message. To reply to a message, the user can either type a custom message or select a pre-defined message from the drop down menu. The user simply double clicks inside the message display area to send the reply. The reply message is then displayed below the initial received message.

popCOM may be tailored by the office or by the individual workstations within a practice. The text of each message can be customized with color to highlight urgent messages, identify the sender, or to alert the recipient of an appointment. Users can define a default state for their individual workstations and can decide where they want their messages to appear, how long the text remains on the screen, and whether or not a particular sound is used to announce a message has arrived. 

For more information, visit www.adstra.com.

[Adstra Systems, May 15, 2008]