AO_PowerScope2_ActivationLinesAmerican Orthodontics, Sheboygan, Wis, has introduced two new features on its PowerScope 2 Class II Corrector.

PowerScope 2 now features a magnetic sleeve that slides onto the hex head driver, allowing for a more secure hold on the appliance during installation and stabilizing the attachment nut when seating it on the wire.

In addition, PowerScope 2 features new activation lines that provide a clear visual cue during activation, according to the company. The three distinct lines are spaced 2 mm apart and reference the level of appliance activation, ranging from no activation to partial to full.

The appliance also includes an improved attachment nut designed to increase durability and ease of installation.

PowerScope 2 is a “one-size-fits-all” appliance that reportedly requires no lab setup or special band assemblies. It attaches wire to wire for quicker and easier chairside installation. It features an internal NiTi spring mechanism that delivers 260 grams of force for continuous activation during treatment. The PowerScope 2 also features unique ball and socket joints designed to maximize lateral movement without compromising patient comfort. The appliance uses a reverse screw tread assembly to help minimize screw loosening during treatment.

PowerScope 2 is available in five-patient or single-patient kits.