The CAO Group Inc, West Jordan, Utah, has introduced Sheer DesenZ™ Desensitizing Treatment with 3% potassium nitrate.

Made of thin, flexible SheerFilm material, Sheer DesenZ films are designed to help relieve oral pain and discomfort associated with dental procedures and temperature changes. The SheerFilm material stretches and molds to the teeth to deliver the gel to each tooth and gum surface. SheerFilm’s design also helps prevent washout of gel or leakage down the patient’s throat.

Sheer DesenZ is available in an Introductory Kit (containing six Patient Treatment Kits) and a Bulk Kit (containing 24 Patient Treatment Kits). Each Patient Treatment Kit contains four Single Arch Treatment packs, each containing one long film and two single-tooth films (for localized discomfort). The product can be used for in-office application or at home.

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