HigherData, San Francisco, introduces Workbook Compare Pro v. 2.7, a Windows application designed to help users compare two Excel workbooks and get a detailed report of the differences. Workbook Compare Pro never modifies any data in the workbooks being compared. The program does not insert rows, sort data, or add "helper columns." Instead, it creates a difference report that displays the differences between workbooks, along with extensive support information. Users can filter and analyze the differences in Excel.

Workbook Compare Pro automatically prepares the comparison with the most predictable mappings; however, the software does allow for user control. For example, any workbook can be compared to any other, any worksheet to any other (including comparing worksheets within the same workbook), any column to any other (including comparing columns within the same worksheet). Users can override the header rows, and if desired they can disable the automatic mappings and set everything up manually.

Formulas can be compared as formulas or as values. The program includes a variance allowance that can be programmed to ignore small differences (in absolute values or percentages) when doing a comparison. The program can also be told to ignore data above the header row, so it won’t report differences that are due to different timestamps or report titles.

Workbook Compare Pro v. 2.7 runs under Windows, and is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2007.

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