Dental Creations, Waco, Tex, has introduced two newproducts: Wondergloss, a fast-drying model shine for dental stones andplasters; and WonderAdmix® (pictured at left), a debubblizer and hardener for all diestone, buffstone, and plaster.

Wondergloss is designed to prevent staining and chipping of models andworks on all dental stones and plasters, including orthodontic models.Available in a 32-fluid-ounce bottle, Wondergloss adds less than1-micron of thickness to the stone or plaster. It is not a dip or soap.

WonderAdmix, according to the company, creates a smoother stone,increases strength and density, resists chipping and factures, controlsshrinkage and expansion, and eliminates the need for surfactants inmodels. WonderAdmix is available in two sizes—a 400-use, 3-gallon size;and a 200-use, 1.5-gallon size. Users can self-mix using the presizedcontainer.

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