On June 7, Dr Harold Turner and the late Dean Spencer N. Frankl of Boston University were honored with the EP Maxwell J. Schleifer Distinguished Service Award at Disability Awareness Night (DAN). DAN took place at Fenway Park immediately before a Red Sox game.

DAN has been hosted by EP Global Communications since 2002 and partners with more than 40 Major and Minor League Baseball clubs and other major sports franchises across the country to honor individuals who have contributed to expanded awareness of the 54 million Americans with disabilities.

"The Disability and Special Needs Community owes a debt of gratitude to Drs Turner and Frankl," said Joseph M. Valenzano, Jr, president and CEO of EP Global Communications, who nominated Turner and Frankl for this award. "Both are true champions of people with special needs and pioneers in the field of Special Care Dentistry."

Turner and Frankl were recognized for training dentists who cared for patients with special needs of all ages. "Thousands of people with physical and intellectual disabilities have benefited from the therapeutic innovations and gentle care these men used," Valenzano said. "They also were great teachers, using their skills to help develop young, bright dentists, showing them the value of giving back to society. We mourn the loss of Dr Spencer Frankl, but honor his lifetime of accomplishments as part of the Boston University Community. No less can be said for Dr Harold Turner, a great dentist and even greater humanitarian.”

The awards were presented by EP Global Communications VP Matt Valenzano. Along with Turner, Mrs Rhoda Frankl accepted the award on behalf of Dean Frankl, who passed away last October.