Dr. Fresh, Buena Park, Calif, has added Peanuts characters to its line of FireFly light-up toothbrushes. The new toothbrush’s handle features Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Woodstock playing baseball. A 3D Snoopy sits on top of the brush, wearing a baseball cap and mitt. 

The Peanuts brush features the same blinking technology as previous FireFly brushes: Kids simply press the button to make the brush light up and flash for 60 seconds (the amount of time dentists say is needed to brush each arch).

The brush features soft DuPont bristles. The light stops functioning after approximately 3 months of use, indicating it is time for a replacement.

The FireFly Peanuts Light-Up Toothbrush retails for $2.49 at Kroger, Fred’s, Fred Meyer, and other mass market retailers nationwide.

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