DuxDental GiveKidsaSmile optDUX Dental, Oxnard, Calif, recently donated 575 boxes of Bib-Eze™ disposable bib holders to be used at free pediatric dental clinics held in the United States during the upcoming National Children’s Dental Health Month and “Give Kids a Smile” day on February 1, 2013. The donation will provide 143,000 kids with a disposable bib holder during their clinical care.

The American Dental Association’s (ADA) Give Kids a Smile day serves hundreds of thousands of children annually, and aims to help children get needed dental care and raise awareness about the need for a health care system that addresses their dental health.

“We believe that as dental patients children need special attention, and the ADA’s Give Kids a Smile program does that by providing free care for underserved children,” said Paul Porteous, CEO and president of DUX Dental. “Pediatric dental patients can also be more susceptible to dental cross-contamination hazards, and the Bib-Eze bib holders we donated to the program help minimize that risk be replacing traditional bib holders with a disposable option.”