VATECH and E-WOO introduce Master 3DS, the newest member of its comprehensive dental CBCT family. Master 3DS features a new GPU solution, a 3D reconstruction time of less than 35 seconds, and 3D CT scan times of 15 seconds for normal and 24 seconds for high def.

The field-of-view (FOV) selection provision enables the user to select the optimum FOV size (20 x 19 cm/20 x 15 cm, 16 x 10 cm, or 16 x 7 cm) and limits the radiation dosage to only the necessary level for examining the region of interest. For example, the FOV size of 20 x 19 cm captures a comprehensive 3D view of the entire oral and maxillofacial anatomy—including the TMJ, sinus, and airways—on a single 360° scan, whereas the FOV of 16 x 7 cm would capture both the mandibular condyle and upper and lower occlusion area.

The Master 3D series provides a selection of voxel sizes. The smaller voxel size (0.164 mm) offers the highest image quality, while normal voxel sizes (0.3 mm, 0.4 mm) are suitable for diagnostic images with less reconstruction time and smaller file size.

The new Master 3DS also offers three types of patient positioning: standing, seated (optional chair), and wheelchair-confined patient accessibility.
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