Do-TheDoc Inc, Ann Arbor, Mich, has released Send-TheDoc 6.0, a secure electronic document delivery service. According to the company, the service allows dental and medical professionals to send documents to and receive documents from doctors and patients for free in a “HIPAA compliant manner.”

The service is available for free as it is sponsored and paid for by medical and dental vendors, according to information from the company.

Send-TheDoc is a cloud-based program and can be used with PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones. All communications are tracked and can be searched with a unique tracking number that helps reduce what the company calls “email chasing.” The service also includes Business Associate Agreement automation with covered and noncovered entities, and masks, and does not share doctor and sender email to protect the sender from spamming.

Additional features include a weekly delivery report that indicates who did and did not access the submitted communication, and the ability of document recipients to access sent documents without having to register with the service.

The release of Send-TheDoc 6.0 comes as the product marks its second anniversary.