Green Curve Studio Inc, Portland, Ore, and Los Angeles, has launched its CAP Design Program, which is intended to help the orthodontic community during the economic downturn.

The program sets maximum prices for Green Curve’s design work based on the square footage of the project. An 1,800-square-foot project will cost a maximum of $8,500; a 2,200-square-foot project will cost a maximum of $11,050; and a 3,000-square-foot project will cost a maximum of $15,025. 

The following services are offered:

• project consultation;

• a six-page ortho planning questionnaire;

• floor planning;

* a lighting and reflected ceiling plan;

• cabinet planning;

• color and material compositions;

• cabinet finish schedules;

• floor materials plan and specifications;

• wall finish plan and specification; and

• furniture selection and specification.

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