Henry Schein Inc, Melville, NY, introduces Global Reflections™, a 16-page brochure of eco-friendly products. Printed on recycled paper, using environmentally friendly ink, the brochure includes natural oral care products, recycled paper products for practices, cleaning products with low environmental impact, rechargeable batteries, energy-efficient light bulbs, and business machines.

“Environmental stewardship is a pillar of corporate social responsibility that we embrace at Henry Schein through the ways that we conduct business and the products that we offer our customers," said Stanley M. Bergman, chairman and CEO for Henry Schein. “Our new Global Reflections line demonstrates our commitment to meet the needs of our customers who are concerned about the environmental impact of their health care practices. This is an important and growing segment of our market, and we are determined to lead by providing products and services that will encourage more ‘green’ practices in the future.”

Also featured in Global Reflections is an article on how Team Schein Members recently worked with Jason McMillan, DDS, of Portland, Ore, to make Mint Dental Works the first certifiably “green” (LEED-approved) dental office in the United States. Partnering with dental equipment manufacturer Pelton & Crane, Henry Schein was able to help McMillan create his vision of a “green” practice—from developing preliminary drawings to selecting environmentally sound materials and equipment to reduce paper consumption and dependency on chemicals for photo processing.

[Henry Schein, April 22, 2008]