Henry Schein Inc, Melville, NY, has launched a new version of Dentrix® Mobile, a remote access tool that allows orthodontists and office staff to view appointment schedules, medical alerts, and patients information from their smartphones and tablet devices.

The updated version of Dentrix Mobile can now be used on larger-screen devices like the Apple iPadTM and Motorola XoomTM. In addition, the latest iteration also allows iPad and Xoom users to add notes to the appointment book or confirm appointments when they are away from the office.

Users of Dentrix eCentral, a bundle of electronic services that manage patient communication and insurance billing, can now use their iPad or Xoom to confirm appointments outside the office with the new version of Dentrix Mobile.

Dentrix Mobile runs on the latest smartphones and mobile devices, including BlackBerry®, iPhone™, iPad, Palm Pre™, Motorola Xoom, and Android™. The newest upgraded version of Dentrix Mobile is free to customers with the latest version of Dentrix and a customer service plan.

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