OP Insignia Ai ImageSIZED200Ormco Corp, Orange, Calif, has announced its Insignia™ Ai technology—an enhanced Insignia Advanced Smile Design™ approver interface. The system update features easy-to-use software and integration of Damon™ System treatment mechanics. The system also offers a number of new functions for increased treatment customization.

According to Ormco, the clean, sleek design of the Insignia Ai provides for a more intuitive experience, and now includes a Wizard that navigates users through the suggested approval process step-by-step to provide an added level of case support. For a clearer visual of the smile transformation, a movie can be created that will superimpose the tooth movement from initial malocclusion to the final design of the patient’s smile.

Additionally, Insignia Ai has combined two occlusion tools into a simultaneous function that allows clinicians to interact with the patient’s occlusion from multiple angles. The company notes that this feature increases interactive visualization so clinicians can achieve both the aesthetics and occlusion they prefer.

In the Insignia Ai preferences section, clinicians are able to select the Damon archform as the basis of their patient’s archform design. When selected, geometric algorithms based on the Damon archform will drive the design of the case. Additionally, clinicians can view a virtual Damon ruler—an exact digital replica of the Damon Symmetry Template. These new tools will help dental professionals achieve patient results that match their treatment objectives.

Insignia Ai is available for download.