KaVo Dental, Lake Zurich, Ill, has joined the social networking Web site Facebook by creating three pages for DIAGNOdent. The pages feature the DIAGNOdent Laser Caries Detection Aid. Facebook pages allow users to become a “fan” of the product. Facebook users can choose one of three pages that relate to the fan’s level of interaction with the product: DIAGNOdent dentist, DIAGNOdent hygienist, and DIAGNOdent patient.
KaVo joined the Facebook community to help DIAGNOdent clinicians and patients communicate with one another. Facebook allows connection between DIAGNOdent doctors, hygienists, and patients on a daily basis. 
The Facebook pages provide an opportunity for clinicians to register as a user of DIAGNOdent so that patients can find them, and also provide an opportunity for patients to find the listing of registered DIAGNOdent offices in their area.
The Facebook pages also give fans updates on the latest promotions and show specials available for the DIAGNOdent. Fans can find links to download the latest DIAGNOdent product literature and more information about integrating DAGNOdent into a dental practice.