with Frith Maier, Sesame Communications

Frith Maier is CEO of Sesame Communications, the maker of Ortho Sesame. Since she cofounded the company in 1999, Maier has transformed dental and specialty practices. She writes and lectures frequently about online communications.

OP: What types of features does your online communication tool provide to orthodontists and patients?

Maier: More than 650,000 patients rely on Ortho Sesame to communicate with their orthodontists. We are helping more than 6,000 dentists and orthodontists provide better interdisciplinary treatment through our automatic image-upload and online case-collaboration tools.

OP: Do you custom design a practice’s Web site?

Maier: According to a WebTrends study, custom orthodontic Web sites by Sesame rank highest in search-engine performance.

OP: What languages, other than English, is your communications tool available in?

Maier: Spanish.

OP: Why does a practice need online communications?

Maier: Patients expect to find information online, and they appreciate 24/7 access to appointment, account, and treatment information. Ortho Sesame keeps a practice on the leading edge, helping increase patient satisfaction and referrals.