DentaKit.com is offering pre-pasted toothbrushes that comply with the new airline regulations and restrictions of toothpaste. The toothbrushes are not available through most local stores.

The disposable toothbrushes, which may be used during airplane travel and camping trips, are treated with powdered toothpaste, which is activated by water or saliva.

The company also offers the Ortho Readybrush, which is “v-cut” in the middle, and cleans braces quickly and easily. The powdered toothpaste in these brushes has a fresh minty taste.

The pre-pasted toothbrushes start at $0.65 each for a basic model, or $1.10 for the ADA-approved Readybrush, which can be saved and used as a regular toothbrush after the powdered toothpaste is finished.

The toothbrushes are available in assorted colors. For more information, visit www.dentakit.com.

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