According to a white paper released by the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP), dental benefits are important to overcoming other concerns, such as fear, that keep Americans from visiting the dentist. The paper, “Dental Benefits: A Wise Investment in Your Family’s Health,” explores the prevalence of dental disease in children and adults and the role of dental benefits coverage in maintaining oral health. The paper also provides general information about the cost of dental benefits, reasons to have dental coverage, and where to find it.
In a survey of more than 6,000 individuals, NADP found lack of insurance to be the most common reason for not visiting the dentist—seven times more common than fear. The results also found that people covered by dental benefits have a more positive perception of their oral and overall health. The results also suggest that individuals with dental benefits are more likely to receive restorative care, such as a root canal, crowns, and having cavities filled. Patients with dental benefits also maintain more of their teeth and are 30% less likely to have a tooth extraction
For a copy of the paper, visit ineeddentalbenefits.com.

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