Lingualcare Inc, the Dallas-based provider of iBraces customized invisible braces, has launched a QuickStart Certification Course for dental professionals who want to learn about the iBraces technique. The online certification course is free to orthodontists and dentists between now and December 31, 2006.

“Many orthodontists and dentists want to learn the iBraces technique and would like to add it to their practices, but because of their busy schedules they find it difficult to attend traditional classroom training courses,”  says Lea Nesbit, founder and chief executive officer at Lingualcare. “By putting our iBraces QuickStart Certification online, doctors can learn about the technique from the comfort of their offices and homes when it is convenient for them.”

The course gives orthodontists an overview of key principles of the iBraces technique, clinical procedures, and treatment strategies. QuickStart consists of two modules, both of which are available at www.ibracestraining.com.

Lingualcare also offers in-office training and classroom training, and provides doctors with a comprehensive set of clinical resource materials to ensure that they are successful with the technique.

For more information, contact www.ibraces.com.

[Lingualcare Inc, October 10, 2006]