Master Google, Costa Mesa, Calif, offers organic SEO marketing services. The company uses code-efficiency optimization techniques, along with what it calls the "highest-quality link building methods."

Approximately 20% of its clientele are orthodontists, according to Saeed Khosravi, Master Google’s SEO marketing consultant and operational manager. Founder Ali Husayni, an SEO expert, says that, depending on their location, orthodontists maintaining top Google search results may increase annual income by $50,000 to $300,000.

Since the bulk of SEO work, professional popularity and link building, is an ongoing project, initial improvements may or may not be significant. Khosravi says, "We can say about 3 to 9 months is required for most clients to see results, depending largely on the client market and strength and the client background."

Husayni maintains the white-hat principles of his SEO optimization service by constantly monitoring Google updates. Because of Google’s ever-changing algorithms, Khosravi says updating SEO linking campaigns and optimization is essential because what worked yesterday might not work today.