The DentaPure® DP-40 microbiological purification cartridge from MRLB International has become the first continuous–use water treatment product to be registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and all 50 state EPAs. Registration has also been completed for Puerto Rico. 

The DP-40 device is installed in the bottle of independent water systems, where it addresses dental unit waterline contamination by reducing harmful bacteria and ensuring that water meets biological quality standards.

“We are delighted that the DentaPure DP-40 has become the first continuous-use water treatment product to be registered with the EPA in all 50 states,” says Barry Hammarback, president and CEO of MRLB International. “Registration of the DP-40 in the state of California will be particularly helpful to those dentists who had been attempting to meet the recommended water quality standards, but had no continuous-use registered antimicrobial products available to them.”

DentaPure water purification products are registered with the FDA as Class I medical devices for attachment to dental units. DentaPure microbiological water purification cartridges can be retrofitted to all existing dental units.  They provide water that contains fewer than 200 colony-forming units per ml, an amount that meets all standards and recommendations for dental unit water quality.

For more information, visit www.dentapure.com.

[MRLB International Inc, March 15, 2007]