Pelton & Crane, Charlotte, NC, introduces AeroPure accessories that complement the AeroPure vacuums and compressors to complete the company’s full AeroPure portfolio.

The new AeroPure Accessories include:

• AeroPure Remote Air Intake System, featuring a 5-micron filter that removes 99% of airborne contaminates, according to Pelton & Crane. In addition, this accessory provides sound buffering for the air compressor, improving sound quality by up to 7 decibels (dBA).

• AeroPure Vacuum Muffler System, which fits between the vacuum system and the metal vacuum exhaust to reduce the dBA of the AeroPure exhaust by as much as 27 dBA, or up to 27%.

• AeroPure Sound Cover, which provides up to 5-dBA reduction, and when used with the remote air intake system, can improve sound quality up to 10 dBA. The AeroPure Sound Cover has thermally activated cooling fans designed to keep the compressor heads cool.

• AeroPure Remote Control Panel allows the orthodontist to remotely control his or her vacuum, air compressor, and water solenoid valve.

• Vista Water Solenoid System allows the doctor to turn off all water to each operatory. This water solenoid includes a 20-micron filter element, which acts as the first step to Vista’s full water treatment solution. The Vista solenoid plugs into any standard 120V outlet and uses non-corrosive housings and fittings.

• AeroPure Stacking Racks allow the air compressor and vacuum to be stacked, potentially creating a smaller office footprint.

• Buck and Boost Transformer is recommended for installations where proper voltage is not available. The transformer will increase or decrease voltage by 10%. One transformer is needed per vacuum or compressor.

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