Sunstar Americas has completed its corporate identity transition from Sunstar Butler to Sunstar. The change to Sunstar will allow all regions of Sunstar (the Americas, Europe, Japan, and Asia) to operate under a globally-unified corporate identity.

According to Dennis Roy, director of professional marketing of Sunstar Americas, the change in corporate identity is a positive reflection of Sunstar’s rapid global growth, and the name change reflects Sunstar’s dramatic increase in new product innovation.

“Since becoming part of Sunstar, the company has introduced a significantly expanded line of innovative preventative-care, hygiene-supply, pain-management, and clinical products,” says Roy. “We have grown and changed, and our new corporate identity reflects our global strength and broader product offerings.” 

Despite the corporate name change, Sunstar will maintain the names of its iconic product brands. 

“We are not changing the Butler® and GUM® brand names, which have a strong heritage, especially among dental professionals,” notes Roy.

[Sunstar Butler, November 15, 2006]