According to a release from DENTSPLY GAC, Bohemia, NY, Robert Williams, DDS, MS, has renewed his role as clinical education consultant to the company.

Williams has been in private practice as an orthodontist for 35 years, is a co-founder of Roth Williams teaching centers across the globe, and is a speaker and educator. He was also instrumental in the formation of the Roth WilliamsInternational Society of Orthodontists.

“Our ongoing relationship with Dr. Williams is a fitting extension of the long history between the Roth Williams community and DENTSPLY GAC which started over 15 years ago with the late Dr. Ron Roth,” said Todd Metts, director of professional services for DENTSPLY GAC.

Williams said that “GAC has been extremely supportive of the Roth Williams community over the years. GAC’s new management has reaffirmed this commitment to promoting world-class orthodontic education and shares my personal passion for reaching the countries all over the world, and especially Asia.”

Among his responsibilities, Williams will provide a series of seminars in China, India, and Vietnam.