Ultradent, South Jordan, Utah, has launched a company-wide initiative to support wireless AMBER Alerts. Wireless AMBER Alert is a voluntary partnership between the United States Department of Justice, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), and participating companies from the wireless industry in an effort to establish an emergency notification system for missing children.
According to Ultradent, statistics shared by the NCMEC indicate that the first 3 hours after a child’s abduction are crucial in implementing a successful recovery effort. Ultradent’s management team encouraged employees to participate in the Wireless AMBER Alert network to assist law enforcement in their recovery efforts.
“In supporting this initiative,” said Dan Fischer, DDS, Ultradent’s president and CEO, in an announcement, “We hope that other organizations will follow suit in asking their members to participate in this very important effort.”
Wireless subscribers can opt in to receive Wireless AMBER Alerts by registering online. When an AMBER alert is issued by law enforcement, the NCMEC is notified and provided with information to include in the alert. NCMEC formats the AMBER Alert message and sends it electronically to Syniverse, which sends the free message to select wireless carriers. The carriers, in turn, send the alert to subscribers.

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