Sirona Dental Systems LLC, Long Island City, NY, has introduced the inEos® Blue desktop scanner.

inEos Blue is built on Sirona’s Bluecam technology, which uses short-wavelength visible blue light to facilitate flexible recording options. With the inEos Blue, a technician can use an automatic image capture function that allows free movement of a model in any direction, providing complete control of the angle of the scan. Thus, the user can take a digital impression only of the required treatment area.

The inEos Blue scanner will be available in February 2010, along with a dedicated computer and inLab 3D software. The scanner can be used as a standalone unit or in combination with the inLab® milling unit for complete in-house production. Additionally, inEos Blue can save and export scanning data in STL format, allowing the data to be processed using third-party software.

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