Sirona_Xios_XGSirona, Long Island City, NY, is now offering an adapter as an extension for the XIOSPlus wall module. The module provides users of the company’s intraoral sensors with additional configuration options. From now on, when users purchase XIOS XG Select sensors, they will have a total of three configuration options for connecting to the practice computer: besides the WLAN and USB module, they can now choose a third option, a wall box.

Users who already have a XIOSPlus wall module installation now also have the option to switch to the XIOS XG Select sensors. To do this, the adapter is plugged into the wall module instead of the sensor wall holder, and thus bypasses the differences between the plug-in connectors on the XIOSPlus and the XIOS XG systems.

The wall module is integrated into the practice network via an Ethernet connection, and provides those practices that require it an immovable connection solution via the practice network with a fixed IP address.

Users of the XIOS XG Select sensors are able to replace the sensor cable quickly and easily themselves in the event of a malfunction, according to a release from the company. Moreover, the company reports that the sensors do not have to be replaced in the event of minor defects and the service life of the sensors is significantly longer. No software update is necessary when upgrading to the new sensor generation.