Dustin Burleson, DDS, was born into orthodontics. “There are 12 dentists in my family, so I grew up in the profession,” he says. “I had an interest in the field since I was a little kid, and I kept following through on that throughout my education.”

Burleson was 9 years old when he began spending time in his father’s dental practice as something more than just a guest. “I helped out in the office from a very young age, and I’ve been in love with the profession ever since,” he adds.

Burleson’s child-like amazement with dentistry and orthodontics is something he retains today, and with good reason. As the owner of two private practices in the Kansas City area—one of which he shares with his wife, Amy Burleson, DDS, a pediatric dental specialist—Burleson has come to excel in the area of pediatric care. In fact, between the two practices, the patient load is 80% adolescents. “I love working with younger patients. It keeps the day exciting and keeps me on my toes,” Burleson says.

In addition to providing top-of-the-line orthodontic treatment, Burleson has become a regional celebrity of sorts for his work with cleft palate and craniofacial patients. As one of only three doctors in the state of Missouri to provide a specialized cleft palate treatment to children in need, Burleson further dedicates himself to the cause by performing much of the work pro bono.

Whether working out of the office or during his lunch breaks, Burleson’s dedication to helping those in need has shaped his career as an orthodontic provider.

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