Sirona Dental Systems has introduced its SIROEndo system, the first electronic root canal preparation unit that is adapted to fit directly onto most manufacturers’ dental units. 

SIROEndo features a swiveling support arm system that remains within the practitioner’s reach at all times, and an integrated apex locator for optimum accuracy when measuring the length of the root canal. Regardless of the chair or light manufacturer, the swiveling arm system can be mounted on most supporting light posts. No set-up or mobilization of the unit is needed before a treatment session.

SIROEndo’s apex locator and AutoReverse functions ensure maximum safety during treatment. Its digital display shows the user the exact distance to the apex, and a beeper sounds just before reaching it. Once working length is reached, the motor switches off automatically. If AutoReverse is activated, the file in use reverses direction automatically once the torque is exceeded, preventing the file from jamming or fracturing. 

SIROEndo can be used with all standard nickel-titanium and steel file systems. Users simply select the system and file type. Other features include an easy-to-read display that shows key data automatically, a brushless motor that can be turned on and off by hand independently of the pedal, and an ISO interface and extra small head that provides a view of root canal entrances.  

[www.Sirona.com, January 4, 2007]