Sirona Dental Systems, Charlotte, NC, introduces two new panoramic bitewing programs (BW1 and BW2). The new programs are available for the ORTHOPHOS® XGPlus and XG 5 panoramic units. The new bitewing programs provide practitioners with the option of taking an extraoral bitewing image when an intraoral image is difficult or not feasible. The programs are a low-dose alternative for diagnosis in the posterior and anterior regions.

The BW1 posterior program allows for additional diagnostic information compared to standard intraoral bitewings—an alternative for patients with challenging intraoral anatomy. With the XG 5, both sides are imaged, while the right, left, or both sides can be selected on the XGPlus units.
The BW2 anterior program provides a detailed overview image of the anterior area.  It can be used with the edentulous positioning guide for anterior trauma patients. It is a lower-dose alternative to multiple occlusal images when focusing on the anterior region.