SmartPractice_RecallCardsSmartPractice®, Phoenix, now offers a larger selection of Dental Recall Cards. Sixteen new options are available.

Practices can choose from several different types of Recall Cards, including a newly expanded semi-custom line, as well as custom and predesigned options. All cards can be personalized with a practice logo and contact information at no cost.

The semi-custom option gives customers the flexibility to choose their own images, color scheme, and messaging, allowing a practice to coordinate its patient communications for a cohesive brand. SmartPractice also provides an online template that can be quickly updated for semi-custom products.

For those offices wanting a one-of-a-kind brand, custom Recall Cards allow customers to design everything from their logo to the imagery they use with SmartPractice’s team of dental design experts.

Predesigned Recall Cards, while not customizable, offer hundreds of different styles, according to the company, and can be complemented by a message library from which customers can select the appropriate messaging.