Smile Reminder introduces its Smile Dash Patient Portal, which allows patients to pay bills, keep up-to-date with future appointments, and check their Invisalign progress from the comfort of their home or office.

“My office staff can’t physically be available, 24 hours a day for my patients, but the SmileDash provides a great way for my clients to check their appointments, pay their bills, or submit questions, even when my office is closed,” said Ryan Haygood, DDS. “The SmileDash Portal is just another example of how Smile Reminder continually provides tools to build my practice and patient loyalty.”

The Smile Dash Patient Portal features a “Pay My Bill” option, which allows patients to log in to their customized portal to view and pay balances without opening a checkbook or wasting a stamp. The credit card information provided by patients is encrypted and sent electronically to the office for processing. No additional fees are incurred by either the patient or practice. The portal also features Invisalign Clinchecks® so patients can view animations that show the progression of their straightening procedures.

“We live in a busy world where time is greatly valued, and convenience is a necessity,” said Jim Higgins, CEO of Smile Reminder. “The patient portal gives dentists a direct route of communication while allowing patients to access a bevy of information. This enhanced experience allows patients to interact with their dentists daily, rather than every 6 months during an office visit.”

[Smile Reminder, June 13, 2008]