Tekscan Inc, Boston, offers the new e-book, Computerized Occlusion, which demonstrates how a bite test can improve clinical outcomes. The book, written by JH Kim, DDS, details several cases that use Tekscan’s T-Scan® to measure the balance of a patient’s bite.

According to the company. during maxillomandibular intercuspation, the T-Scan can isolate time and force, the main occlusal factors. T-Scan can identify the first contact point that precedes numerous other contact points and those that transitorily occur during maxill0mandibular functional movements. The T-Scan determines the contact time-sequencing, the percentage of relative occlusal force between numerous occlusal contacts, and the dynamic display of these occurrences. This is intended to enable the clinician to better identify interfering contacts.

Computerized Occlusion is available for download for free at the Tekscan Web site.

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