DentalEZ Group introduces its new RAMVAC® brand of dental vacuum line cleaner. SlugBuster™ will be officially unveiled at booth 160 at this year’s California Dental Association Meeting, which takes place in Anaheim, Calif, May 3 to May 6.

According to the company, SlugBuster is formulated exclusively for the dental industry and has a pleasant, light fragrance as it cleans, deodorizes, and sanitizes vacuum hoses, drains, piping, and separators. Its fast-acting formula quickly dissolves organic debris to maintain maximum vacuum performance. Comprised of a biodegradable formula, SlugBuster is nonfoaming, providing for a quick rinse and minimizing drain line residue. SlugBuster is compatible with all amalgam separators.

With a nonchlorinated 8.5 pH level, the SlugBuster formula also contains L61 wetting agents that allow the cleaner to penetrate more quickly. The SlugBuster formula contains chelating agents that soften water to provide a more thorough cleaning than hard water. Chelators also hold heavy metals in suspension, which assists in the elimination of metal bonds that can clog and congest pipes and hoses.

SlugBuster is offered in powder or liquid form. The powder starter pack includes a 2-gallon mixing jug and two boxes of SlugBuster (40 packets per box). A six-pack of powdered SlugBuster includes six individual boxes of SlugBuster, which will make 480 gallons of solution.

The liquid starter pack includes a 2-gallon mixing jug and 1 gallon of SlugBuster concentrate, along with a premeasured, hand-pump dispenser. A case of SlugBuster contains 4 single gallons of SlugBuster packaged in one box with four premeasured, hand-pump dispensers.

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