According to VIOlight Inc, Yonkers, NY, an independent laboratory test conducted by MICROBIOTEST, showed the VIOlight toothbrush sanitizer to be effective in the virtual elimination of the influenza A(H1N1) virus from toothbrush bristles.

In the report VIOlight’s ultraviolet germicidal light is identified as the defense in killing over 99% of the H1N1 virus. The H1N1 virus application consisted of 0.2mL of a stock virus of the flu spiked onto the toothbrush bristles. After 6 minutes of submersion in the VIOlight device, the toothbrush(es) were nearly free of the virus, according to VIOlight..

“VIOlight is here to help dental professionals protect their patients from the spread of swine flu and the many other harmful germs that contaminate our toothbrushes on a regular basis,” said Joel Pinsky, president of VIOlight Inc, in the company’s announcement about the study. “We have a convenient dental professional distribution program in place that offers a retail option for those dentists who prefer to stock and dispense product within the practice, and a referral program for those who would rather have the commerce handled by VIOlight Inc.”

For a limited time, qualified dental professionals will receive a free VIO 200 travel toothbrush sanitizer for inquiring about the distribution program.

After use, a tootbrush (or toothbrushes) is inserted into the VIOlight canister. The unit projects UV-C light onto the toothbrush head, bristles, and handle for 10 minutes.The unit is designed so that the UV-C rays are concentrated and focused downward onto the bristles to allow minimal light to escape the unit and preventing users to exposure to UV light when in use.

The complete report, “Virucidal Efficacy Evaluation of VIOlight Ultraviolet Sanitization Device using Swine Influenza Virus (H1N1),” is [removed]available for download online[/removed].