The Sky Factory, Fairfield, Iowa, introduces programmable SkyCeilings™, virtual skylights that simulate the rising and setting of the sun. SkyCeilings create the illusion of nature by introducing changes of light and color in real time. The programmable features allow SkyCeilings to increase and decrease in light intensity and color to simulate the local rising and setting of the sun—and even follow the seasons. A small, computerized control device that can be programmed for any geographic area produces the many subtle changes of the system.

Programmable SkyCeilings use a combination of accurate graphic information and full-spectrum 6500º Kelvin light. The bicolor Programmable SkyCeiling is enhanced by a Digital Addressable Lighting Interface that adds the color of sunrise and sunset—or, for those who wish, the drama of theatrical moonlight. Control of the programmable system can be manual or by means of personal computer or smart system technology.

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