Dickson introduces the Wireless Wizard™, a wireless data logger that dental offices can use to monitor temperature and/or humidity. Wireless Wizard data loggers can be monitored in real time from a desktop PC or other computer workstation and totally eliminate the delays for data downloading and cumbersome cabling of other temperature and humidity data logger technology.

The Wireless Wizard’s features include the following:

• Real-time alarms of out-of-range conditions right at users’ workstations;

• up to 9-day data backup storage with fail-safe Dickson Data-Keep™; and

• alerts that notify users immediately if data transmission is blocked so that they can re-test and re-establish network conditions.

The handheld Wizard Signal Sensor™ lets users complete logger setup in just minutes and check the signal strength of loggers’ wireless connections at any point in a facility. Users set up loggers once and never have to move them. Easy-to-use software manages all loggers from one desktop.

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