Dickson Company, manufacturer of the Wireless Wizard Temperature Data Logger, introduces a Wireless Savings Calculator.
Chris Sorensen, Dickson’s VP sales and marketing, explains, “Dental offices need to monitor temperature conditions affecting both clients and operating costs, but nobody wants to spend a lot of time doing so. The benefit of wireless data logging is that you no longer need to spend time retrieving data. Temperature data—both trends and real-time readings—is automatically displayed on your desktop whenever you want to refer to it. If you add up the hours that would otherwise be spent on collecting and downloading data, the time-savings is significant, and this translates into a rapid return-on-investment by switching to wireless technology. Just how quickly you will recoup investments varies, and the calculator enables you to get a firm idea of just what your real dollar savings over time will be.”
Dickson’s Wireless Wizard provides up to 9-day data backup storage with Dickson Data-Keep™. It’s gives ongoing feedback on network status with the Wizard Signal Sensor.
To obtain a Wireless Savings Calculator, e-mail mrodriguez@dicksondata.com.