It’s not easy being the boss. Just ask Bruce Springsteen, aka The Boss. In his recent autobiography Born to Run, Springsteen details the challenges he faced not only as the  leader of a talented musical group but also as the head of Bruce Springsteen Inc, the corporation responsible for employing and paying the band.

Without giving away too many personal details, he recounts some of the battles he had with bandmates over workload, responsibilities, behavior, and pay issues. If you thought rock ‘n’ roll was all fame and glory, think again.

Yet, Springsteen’s trials and tribulations as both band leader and CEO mirror the similar challenges you face as the practice’s main producer and its owner. Like Springsteen, you want to surround yourself with a talented, supportive, and positive team, but you also have to make sure that staff members know what their responsibilities are and that they’re performing up to their capabilities. It’s a balancing act that can take years to master.

Here are three leadership lessons from the Boss:

1. Success Takes a Lot of Preparation
To put on a 3-hour-plus concert featuring 30-some songs—and do it well night after night—requires commitment, planning, and collaboration. Those same qualities will have your team performing at peak levels.

2. Be Firm But Flexible
It’s your practice, and you set the rules, but you don’t want to create an oppressive atmosphere that stifles cooperation and problem solving. To help team members understand their roles, everyone should receive a written job description, along with ongoing, position-specific training. When people know what’s expected of them, they’re better equipped to meet those expectations.

3. Set High Standards and Embody Them
You can’t expect your team to arrive on time if you stroll in 15 minutes late every day. Your words must be supported by your actions. When you give your best every day, you are showing your team how it’s done.

Bruce Springsteen clearly loves what he’s doing. So do most orthodontists. Use these three tips to become a better boss and continue working on your dream. OP

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