Dentsply Sirona, York, Pa, has announced updates to its CEREC digital system and Sidexis 4 imaging software.

The CEREC system has been opened up for the export of scan data in STL format. Data from digital impressions, taken with the CEREC Omnicam, can now be imported into other clinical or practice management software and archived there. Users can also send the CEREC scans to the laboratory of their choice.

According to the company, the corresponding software licenses will be available at the same time as the new CEREC SW 4.5.

Meanwhile, a number of new features have been added to the Sidexis 4 imaging software. Version 4.2 is designed to make intraoral x-rays more convenient. Beginning with the x-ray imaging itself, the “Exposure Advisor” feature relies on the software to directly assess the illumination of images and adjust the parameters for future imaging if necessary. For this, a graphical LED strip displays whether the image is underexposed or overexposed.

When the image has been created, the updated operating system allows for even serial intraoral images to be more easily and quickly interpreted with the Xios XG Sensor, without the need for a large number of windows or different menus to be open at the same time. The update also includes a dynamic sharpness control with settings that can be selected individually for up to five different diagnoses. ‘

Sidexis 4.2 allows for images from any source to be imported. In the patient history timeline, users can now filter by type of image. There is also a “Getting to know Sidexis 4” document for quick overview that displays the software highlights with images—including functions that are not immediately obvious but are designed to provide utility.

The updated Sidexis 4.2 also includes expansion of the open interfaces that the imaging software provides. The software now allows for the import of 3D DICOM data from third-party suppliers. Images can be displayed in the software’s light box. The “compare” feature allows images to be displayed side-by-side and synchronized for comparison, which is especially useful for treatment planning, monitoring results, and communicating with patients.

Sidexis 4 connects to all Dentsply Sirona x-ray units and treatment centers. The imaging software can exchange patient data and images with all commonly used practice management software, according to the company. Moreover, x-ray data can be transferred electronically.