Orthodontic Products – February 2007
Focus on Practice-Management Software

The latest technology to help
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topsXtreme has completed its transition to the Universal version for server and workstation software that combines topsXtreme’s 3.0 release and Apple’s latest iMacs, which feature the Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The software allows orthodontists to operate topsXtreme natively on a Mac—whether it has an Intel or PowerPC chip—and run Windows®-based orthodontic software programs alongside topsXtreme on an Intel Mac machine using third-party virtualization software. topsXtreme 3.0 also integrates with OrthoBanc, a Web-based payment-management company. A tops office with an OrthoBanc account can click the auto-pay button in topsXtreme and make an entry of a patient’s payment information. OrthoBanc monitors the activity daily and processes the transactions weekly. Orthodontists can have more than one bank account associated with their OrthoBanc account.

For more information, contact topsXtreme, 2621 Sandy Plains Rd, Suite 101, Marietta, GA 30066; (888) 770-2488; www.topsxtreme.com.

Electronic Data Protection

Electronic Data Protection (EDP) offers automated daily online backups and storage of patient records and images. Records are encrypted during transmission and storage in full compliance with HIPAA. The data is stored in two secure data centers in different geographic areas, and emergency restoration is always available. EDP offers three plans, ranging from simple long-term storage to a Disaster Recovery Service, that can make an orthodontist’s entire system available for immediate online access over the Internet. The plans allow complete compliance with HHS Security Regulations Administrative Safeguards.

For more information, please contact Electronic Data Protection LLC, 5348 Vegas Dr, Suite 1143, Las Vegas, NV 89108; (877) 696-9606; www.ElectronicDataProtection.com.

GAC International

The GAC TechnoCenter introduces VistaDent OC, the latest version of its VistaDent image-management software. VistaDent OC includes a redesigned cephalometric tracing interface that allows users to manipulate images, zoom in on landmarks, and control curves for accuracy and precision. Surgical and orthodontic movements can be performed from a single screen. The soft-tissue prediction provides an accurate view of a patient’s potential appearance after treatment. The new superimposition screen allows users to compare multiple tracings and analyze results effortlessly. Upgraded tools allow users to control printouts, presentations, movies, and text.

For more information, contact GAC TechnoCenter, 117 Gemini Circle, Suite 403, Birmingham, AL 35209; (888) GAC CDROM; www.gactechnocenter.com

IMS Specialty Services

IMS Specialty Services offers the IMS Digital Office with a new feature that allows orthodontists to customize their check-in screen by choosing from festive HTML screens or creating their own. The patient simply enters his or her last name and date of birth to check in. The company also offers a new method of scheduling multiple appointments. From the checkout screen, a staff member can enter multiple procedures, units, weeks, and individual notes for each appointment.

For more information, contact IMS Specialty Services Inc, 43141 Business Center Pkwy, Suite 108, Lancaster, CA 93535; (800) 798-3010; /p>

Ortho Computer Systems

Ortho Computer Systems introduces a collection of practice-management, imaging, and communication tools built into ViewPoint 5.0. ViewPoint 5.0 features include VP Imaging, which allows orthodontists to capture, edit, or enhance digital records in the patient folder; VP Ceph, which provides cephalometric analyses over the Internet with no up-front software costs; VP Reminder, which automates phone and e-mail appointment reminders; VP Messaging, which sends on-screen text to any workstation; VP Remote, which provides safe access to any office application from anywhere; VP WebAccess, which reduces office calls by giving patients or parents access to information and images over the Internet; VP Fingerprint, which uses biometrics for secure log-in for both staff and patients; VP Credit Card, which simplifies posting payments with all major credit cards; VP Signature, which makes using digital signatures easy and secure; VP Document, which archives exact copies of anything needed for a paperless office; VP To Do, which assigns, prioritizes, and monitors office tasks; VP Timeclock, which tracks staff time for payroll and shows staff work status; and VP Backup, which automates local or off-site backups of office data.

For more information, contact Ortho Computer Systems Inc, 1107 Buckeye Ave, Ames, IA 50010; (800) 678-4644; www.orthoii.com


OrthoChart LLC™ introduces OrthoChart 9, which features an enhanced user interface that includes “XP Styling” on all icons and screens as well as two patient toolbars. OrthoChart offers a comprehensive Windows® practice-management system that features accounts receivable, electronic charting, examinations and treatment plans, letter merging, patient check-in, patient tracking, scheduling for multiple offices, and video imaging integration. Dymo® LabelWriter® printers may be used with the system to allow staff to print individual address and x-ray labels as well as custom appointment cards, receipts, excuses, and coupon books. Demonstration packages for OrthoChart 9 are available.

For more information, contact OrthoChart LLC, 3246 Montgomery Hwy, Suite 211, Dothan, AL 36303; (800) 231-7945; www.orthochart.com

Oak Tree Storage

Oak Tree Storage offers a fully automatic, secure, and easy-to-use online backup, retention, and restoration service over the Internet. The service is HIPAA-compliant and compatible with all types of practice-management, patient-record, digital x-ray, imaging, and financial software files, folders, system-states, and databases, including SQL and Oracle. Oak Tree runs on all platforms, including Windows®, MacOS, Linux, and UNIX®. Oak Tree Storage permits unlimited backups on unlimited PC workstations, laptops, or servers, as frequently as needed. It allows customizable “retention schedules” (similar to tape-rotation cycles without the tape handling), including accidentally deleted files—from days, weeks, and months to quarter-ends and year-ends. It features quick restores with point-and-click ease, as often as needed, to any location specified. Backups are fully encrypted, compressed, and securely uploaded to a constantly monitored and secure data center. Pricing is based on total compressed storage used.

For more information, contact Oak Tree Storage LLC, 553 Park Ave, New York, NY 10021; (877) 969-8266; www.oaktreestorage.com


UAppoint offers online appointment scheduling for orthodontic patients. The service e-mails recall notices to invite patients to select a desired appointment time that is available on the practice’s schedule. According to the company, the service improves the operational efficiency of orthodontic practices and increases patient satisfaction.

For more information, contact UAppoint Inc, 632-D Rue Chartres, New Orleans, LA 70130; (888) 822-2778; www.uappoint.com


JulySoft offers its latest version of ReminderPro Select and ReminderPro Enterprise, which include multiquestion phone-survey capabilities and user-adjustable settings that provide reliable message delivery to the increasing population of cell phone users. ReminderPro integrates with the orthodontist’s practice-management system, allowing daily operation to take place completely unattended in just a couple of minutes. Important telephone and e-mail reminders are delivered to patients automatically. Custom touch-tone response options allow patients to listen to additional information, such as directions to the office or the advantages of invisible braces, and provide custom call reports instantly. ReminderPro Select and Enterprise conduct multiple-question surveys by phone and provide instant patient feedback to orthodontists and staff. Surveys can be created or paper surveys can be transferred quickly in ReminderPro. Tallied results are available as soon as the survey session is completed. ReminderPro includes practice-management integration, installation assistance, and training by phone or Web.

For more information, contact JulySoft, 610 E Knox Dr, Tucson, AZ 85705; (800) 350-7693; www.julysoft.com

New Horizons Software

New Horizons Software introduces the Ortho Exec® Advanced Series practice-management software for the front and back office. New and updated features include advanced autoPay tools and solutions, which allow the processing of credit card and electronic check transactions; diagnostic cards; employee time tracker; digital imaging integration; and security ensurance.

For more information, contact New Horizons Software Inc, 301 NE 117th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98684; (800) 543-5999; www.nhsoftware.com

Smilesoft Solutions

Smilesoft Solutions offers Orthoease, designed by Peter T. Kimball, DMD, MS. Modules range from patient check-in, treatment planning, and chairside charting to image management, financial control, and letter writing. According to the company, Orthoease provides financial management, enhances patient relations, fosters effective communications, and maximizes doctor and staff productivity. It operates on Mac and PC platforms.

For more information, contact Smilesoft Solutions Inc, 355 E 3625 N, North Ogden, UT 84414; (801) 737-7392; www.orthoease.com

Kodak Dental Systems

Kodak Dental Systems offers an upgrade to its Orthotrac Practice-Management Software, which allows orthodontists to operate a paperless practice. Orthotrac helps staff members track important patient and practice information, and manage daily tasks. The Version 10.0 software features document storage, which stores a copy of all automated letters that are printed and confirmed, and allows office staff to scan additional documents. Fingerprint scanning for patient check-in and staff log-in secures confidential patient information, while eliminating the time and hassle associated with password management. Electronic signature allows a patient to sign or initial a letter or form using a tablet PC or a signature pad. The computer then stores the signature as part of the letter. Electronic signature can also store staff signatures. Automatic bank draft allows staff members to make auto payments similar to credit card auto payments.

For more information, contact Kodak Dental Systems, 1765 The Exchange, Atlanta, GA 30339; (800) 944-6365; www.kodak.com/dental

Orthodontic Software Solutions

Orthodontic Software Solutions (OSS) introduces WOW Office Suite 3.0, a comprehensive letter-writing and reporting system. OSS also introduces the addition of digital x-ray interfaces to WOW. The check-in/on-deck module is available with three viewing options. With EZPhoto, orthodontists can capture and file digital photos and x-rays and do PowerPoint presentations. The charting module features an appointment-request feature. Scanned document management is offered at no additional fee as part of WOW’s paperless office. In addition to a CD, an Internet demo option is available at no cost.

For more information, contact Orthodontic Software Solutions, 14 School Rd, Horsham, PA 19044; (800) 482-1677; www.OSStoday.com


PerfectByte offers a comprehensive practice-management software package that includes free support and maintenance for 1 year, with a $600 annual fee after that. The program includes billing, patient scheduling, image storage and composite/montage creation, customizable documents and contracts, patient and insurance payment plans, and comprehensive reports. A free training CD is included. The company also offers data-conversion services to convert data from a current system into PerfectByte. PerfectByte interfaces with Dolphin Imaging and VistaDent.

For more information, contact PerfectByte, 5131 S Ridgewood Ave, Suite A, Port Orange, FL 32127; (877) 767-7007; www.perfectbyte.net


ACCEPTx™ introduces an orthodontic treatment-acceptance software system that increases the efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability of the new-patient exam and conversion process, according to the company. Developed by an orthodontist, the software instantly and accurately calculates treatment fees and generates an outline of payment options for the practice’s treatment coordinator to present to new patients. ACCEPTx is fully customizable to each orthodontist’s practice-management and treatment-fee philosophies. ACCEPTx operates with an Internet connection.

For more information, contact ACCEPTx LLC, 5594 S Fort Apache Rd, Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89148; (866) 222-3789; www.acceptx.com