Smilebliss offers a practice model to help independent practices compete with OSOs with better data and marketing.

Smilebliss is a practice model that gives independent practices access to tools that brings accelerated growth, operational efficiency, and competitive market advantage.

SmileBliss was created to help independent practices deal with pressure from saturated markets, general dentists providing orthodontic services, corporate dental acquisitions, and national direct-to-consumer providers like Smile Direct Club.

Smilebliss is a ready-to-go practice model suited for a new practice or an existing practice that attracts more new patients.

“Our Smilebliss license is the answer for practices that don’t want to sell but are ready for the operational benefits of an OSO or DSO,” said Angela Weber, president of Smilebliss. “We’re providing the same type of data and strategic thinking as an elite OSO or DSO while adding a brand licensing program and an industry-leading marketing team to drive accelerated direct-to-consumer growth.”

The model is based on research that provides insight into consumer preferences regarding orthodontic treatment. The research allowed Smilebliss to create a strategic brand and plan to deliver practice owners’ results.

Smilebliss uses data and expertise to help orthodontic practice owners identify underserved markets and select profitable office locations.

It also helps execute marketing strategies, implement efficient revenue cycle management systems, secure supplies at a discount, and lay the foundation for a strategic operational model that accelerates growth.

“We knew this type of model was needed in the industry but perhaps underestimated the urgency of that need based on the response we’ve received,” said Weber. “It’s time for this industry to fill the gap for practice ownership, and Smilebliss™ will be the answer for many looking to take that leap.”

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