Vivos Therapeutics has rebranded its sleep disorder and breathing treatment offering from the Vivos System to The Vivos Method.

Vivos Therapeutics has rebranded its offering of clinical sleep disorder and breathing treatment devices, modalities, and protocols, now calling it The Vivos Method.

Formerly called the Vivos System, The Vivos Method uses proprietary clinical protocols with customized oral appliances as part of a multidisciplinary treatment modality that Vivos-trained dentists and medical professionals prescribe to help patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

“Our clinical results continue to show the benefits of The Vivos Method, particularly as we enhance and further understand the use and benefits of our multidisciplinary protocols and devices in patients,” said Kirk Huntsman, Vivos chairman and chief executive officer. “We used to call our offering the Vivos System, but we believe that didn’t do justice to the many options and methods we provide for practitioners to treat their patients suffering from these debilitating conditions.”

Unlike current standard-of-care interventions, such as CPAP machines (which require lifetime use) or invasive surgical procedures, patients undergo treatment with The Vivos Method for approximately 12 to 24 months, with potentially significant and lasting airway improvement.

In addition to simplifying information for patients visiting the new Vivos site, the company now provides dentists interested in OSA and sleep therapies guidance in becoming a Vivos Integrated Provider. 

The turnkey program enables dentists to improve patient services and care while also increasing the growth potential for a practice.

“Our rebrand makes it clearer and easier for providers and patients to understand our offerings and the manner in which each can contribute to addressing dentofacial and airway anomalies in a relatable and more approachable way and to feel secure in proactively asking their dentists or medical providers about The Vivos Method,” said Huntsman.

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