Henry Schein Dental has agreed to distribute Medit products like the i700 scanner in the North American market.

Medit announced an agreement with Henry Schein Dental to distribute the company’s products in North America.

“Medit is pleased to collaborate with Henry Schein, as doing so helps align our company and products with a tremendous community of like-minded manufacturers and distributors in the dental industry,” said Brian Connolly, vice president of business development for Medit USA. “Our open-platform Medit i700 scanner, much like Henry Schein’s software solutions, helps dentists streamline workflows to minimize chair time and maximize patient care, as well as help enhance overall practice productivity.”

Medit produces the i700 scanner, which features a camera that captures up to 70 frames per second, allowing it to gather more data with each pass. 

It results in a faster scanning experience and offers more realistic colors and a crisper image.

The camera and other internal components have been reduced in size, creating a smaller and lighter handpiece. 

The tips have been redesigned and are now reversible and autoclavable 100 times, increasing comfort and ease of maintenance. 

The Medit i700 scanner can be directly connected to a personal computer using a power delivery cable, improving the consultation experience and enhancing communication with dental labs through a real-time cloud-based system.

“We at Henry Schein are dedicated to helping dental practice owners harness the power of digital technology,” said AJ Caffentzis, president, US Dental Distribution, Henry Schein. “We’re pleased to now offer the Medit i700 scanner as part of our portfolio and look forward to helping our customers seamlessly implement this technology into their practices.”

Photo via Medit