With increased concern over hygiene and safety, Medit has included a UV-C LED in the i700 that features self-disinfecting capabilities.

Medit has released its latest i700 intraoral scanner. This next generation intraoral scanner from the company’s product portfolio builds upon the previous i500 version.

The new unit reportedly features a speedier camera function that is designed to capture up to 70 frames per second. According to the company, this means more data with each pass resulting in a smooth and quick scanning experience with realistic colors and a crisp image. The new camera and other internal components have been reduced in size creating a new hand piece that is smaller and lighter, weighing just 245 g (8.64 ounces).

The redesigned tips are reversible and autoclavable 100 times. This increases comfort of use and ease of maintenance, the company stated in a press release. The cable is also detachable for easy maintenance and improved portability.

The i700 device includes a new remote-control mode, which enables the clinician to keep his or her hands on the unit while presenting the scan data to their patient. COVID-19 has increased everyone’s concerns about hygiene and safety. Therefore, Medit has also included a UV-C LED in the i700, which according to the company, makes it the only device on the market with self-disinfecting capabilities. The i700 continues Medit’s belief in offering fully open scanners. The i700 runs on Medit Link, Medit’s software featuring integration with various other CAD/CAM providers as well as the brand’s own apps for smile design, orthodontic simulation, crown fit, and other patient communication tools.