The cloud-based practice management software company’s brand refresh includes a new logo and tagline, as well as an updated website. 

Cloud 9 Software unveiled its brand refresh, including a new logo and tagline and updated website. According to a press release from the company, “The brand makeover reflects the continuing positive evolution of Cloud 9, and it both modernizes and makes consistent the company’s visual identity.”

The new kite imagery reportedly was chosen to symbolize freedom, independence, youth, and fun. Blu Nordgren, the designer behind the new imagery, said, “Our visuals should comprehensively convey that our browser-based products offer customers the freedom to practice from anywhere, on any device, and showcase that we are part of a niche industry which values joy and operates in an environment defined by cheer and positivity.”

Meanwhile, the company’s tagline has been updated as well. The phrase “Practice at New Heights” is intended to connect with the kite imagery of being lifted into the clouds, as well as Cloud 9’s market position as a cloud-based practice management system for orthodontists and pediatric dentists. 

“We wanted to give a stronger visual identity to the brand, which communicates our ideology and personality uniquely and more effectively,” says Mike Ressel, Cloud 9 Software CEO.