Retrace appointed clearinghouse industry veteran Brian Worth as senior vice president of payer sales.

Healthcare clearinghouse Retrace announced that clearinghouse veteran Brian Worth has joined the company as senior vice president of payer sales.

Worth will apply his 2 decades of dental clearinghouse expertise to accelerate Retrace’s solution into the entire dental and orthodontic ecosystem.

“Brian Worth brings an unprecedented level of institutional knowledge to Retrace, especially his ability to showcase why our solution is the next frontier to help providers, practice management systems, and payers,” said Ali Sadat, Retrace Founder and chief executive officer. “When Brian, who has a comprehensive understanding of the clearinghouse space, looked at Retrace’s new approach and said ‘I want to join this team,’ it was a strong indication of the value Retrace delivers.”

In a single claim transaction, Retrace’s solution enables real-time member eligibility and benefits provider validation, AI-powered pre-authorization configured to each payer’s specific rules, claim adjudication, provider payment, ERA, and patient responsibility.

Since launching in October, Retrace established 251 direct insurance connections, rapidly integrating with leading providers and DSOs to create improved oral-care experiences for its members.

Worth plans to leverage his network to ensure Retrace’s solution supports every stakeholder.

“At its core, the Retrace platform ensures claims are certified clean before they ever touch a payer’s adjudication system,” said Worth. “When a claim is rejected, the provider and member are notified in real-time, thus preventing the dissatisfaction and costs associated with pending and rejected claims. For payers, 100% clean claims results in a dramatic increase in auto-adjudication rate and decrease in clinical claim reviews.”

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