It’s time to tell us how 2023 was for you and your orthodontic practice. Take our 3rd Annual Orthodontic Practice Survey and we will report back to you on the trends shaping the industry. 

Orthodontic Products and Levin Group are teaming up again to conduct our 3rd Annual Orthodontic Practice Survey. We want to find out how you and your practice fared in 2023.

Not only will we report back to you on the challenges and successes facing the orthodontic profession in the April/May issue of Orthodontic Products, but Roger P. Levin, DDS, founder and CEO of the practice management consulting firm Levin Group, will join us again for a podcast to break down the results or the 2023 Orthodontic Practice Survey and provide tips on how to navigate the year ahead. 

  • Last year’s survey revealed that 2022 was characterized by a challenging economy, rapid inflation, higher interest rates, a staffing shortage, rising staffing costs, and patients pulling back on treatment decisions. Were the same issues at play in 2023? 
  • You reported that the single largest impact on your orthodontic practice in 2022 was overhead. This was accompanied by a production that was either flat or in decline. Was the same true for you and your peers in 2023? 
  • Was staffing still the challenge it was in 2022?
  • More importantly, what did this all mean for practice profitability and doctor income? Up, down, or flat? 

We want to know if those and other trends held and what were the challenges that weighed on you. And more importantly, we want to help you navigate them.

Be sure to fill out this year’s Orthodontic Practice Survey by March 1, 2024. OP 

Click here to take the 2023 Orthodontic Practice Survey.