Cloud9Ortho, Kennesaw, Ga, released details regarding its third annual Users Meeting to be held in Atlanta from March 5 to March 7, 2015. The lineup of speakers, combined with training classes and workshops, is designed to provide an educational experience for both staff and doctors.

The popular Hands On Room from the 2014 meeting will be back for 2015, with a new approach. This year, appointments will be available for one-on-one time with an expert; up to five staff members may attend the appointment.

Workshops will be set up classroom-style with tables and Wi-Fi, and each office will need to bring at least one computer to participate. Friday night there will be a reception with music, food, and prizes.

Cloud9Ortho practice-management software features imaging, electronic claims, electronic statements, and auto pay/auto post. In addition, users can add new features more frequently without upgrading because it is a cloud-based application.